10 Tips for Supporting Women in the Workforce

10 Tips for Supporting Women in the Workforce

    TIP #1

    Research the Businesses Before You Buy--Although some companies will advertise as though they have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility, it is always a better choice to double check. Many larger corporations do not treat their women well, and choosing to contribute to them may not be the best decision.

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    TIP #2
    Shop small--Where you choose to spend your money makes a difference. Instead of shopping at a chain grocery or department store, try going to a local market where you can meet the woman who is hand-making the products in front of you.

    TIP #3

    Acknowledge Gender Bias in the Workplace--Whether it is prevalent in your life, bias can deeply effect those around you. If your co-workers seem to be complaining about unfair treatment, listen to them and brainstorm how you can help. 

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    TIP #4
    Let Women Speak--In meetings and larger gatherings, it's common that women will be talked over by their male counterparts. If you notice this happening, give her your undivided attention. Even one person listening will begin to break down the tendency of quieting down for a man, a quality which many women have been forced to possess.

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    TIP #5
    Offer Paternity Leave--By offering paternity leave, either the man or woman may choose to stay home with the child. In this situation, the man is able to spend critical time with his child if he chooses and the woman is not required to leave her job for several months. It gives everybody the power to choose how they should further their careers postpartum without placing pressure on the mother. 

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    TIP #6

    Participate in Career Growth Opportunities--By attending women's empowerment programs and networking, you can grow your own personal business while also supporting others. 


    TIP #7
    If You See Something, Say Something--If you are in your workplace and notice a woman being harassed, report it to your supervisor. Many women choose to keep quiet about the abuse they face in fear of losing their jobs, so taking a stand for those who may be scared will benefit the greater good.

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    TIP #8

    Address Bias in Women's Hairstyles--Many women are not allowed to wear their natural hair to work because it is considered "unprofessional." This stereotype is one that must be broken. Natural hair is beautiful, and embracing both your own and others will improve the overall workplace environment. 

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    TIP #9

    Offer Mentorship--For many women, moving up in their workplace feels borderline impossible. Positions which they fight for are so often just handed to men, and we must work to make sure we are given the positions which we deserve. If you know a hard-working woman in a lower position than you, consider offering your advice to her so she can move up just as you have!

    TIP #10

    Monitor Workplace Satisfaction--Most business send out satisfaction surveys every so often to loosely check in on their employees. If you notice rates dropping in your workplace, instead of just looking at it as another statistic, consider why these numbers may possibly be declining. Or, if they remain constant, how can you improve them? 

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