A Morning in the Sun

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In the morning, the birds chirp loudly. She rolls over and finds the sun, shining brightly on her face. She looks out her window and sees bright blue skies. 'It will be a good day,' she thought to herself. She gets out of bed and make her way down to the kitchen to make morning tea. She sits down and drinks her tea, thinking about what she can do on this fine Saturday. She then finishes her tea and goes to her room to get dressed. 

She goes outside and looks at her garden. 'It could use a bit of work,' she thought to herself. With the sun shining down on her, she starts by weeding her garden bed. A lengthy task, but nevertheless, must be done. Next, she grabs the hosepipe and starts watering her flower bed. After a few minutes the flower bed is entirely watered. 'Much better,' she thought to herself. She turned around and picked up the few plants that she has not planted yet. 'I'll plant these in that big empty pot I have!' She grabs the bag of mud and the empty pot. She fills the big pot up almost all the way up and then removes the plants from their temporary pots. 'Hello, how are you?' She looks up from the plants. It is her neighbour. 'Well hello neighbour. I am well, how are you?' 'I am also well. I see you are doing some gardening. I need to do that' 'Yes, it is nice out today. I thought I should garden.' 'Very well, take care.' She finishes planting the flowers in the large pot and then waters it. 'This looks perfect. I think I will go relax now.'   


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