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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Octavia Orange

Octavia Orange

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Octavia Orange is wearing a vivid matching orange set. She is decorated in glamorous multicolour jewellery. She has gold sparkles highlighting her face and a red heart on her cheek. There are five red hearts in front of her. 

Her Story

Octavia is a housing agent who sells property in Orlando, Florida. She has exquisite art collections worth more than the properties she sells. She is especially picky so anyone visiting her has to agree to go through a shower room, a steam wash, a hair paradise room, and a nail clipping assessment room beforehand. She makes her guests do this because she does not want her art to be contaminated. All of her friends know her for this and sometimes ignore the robotic request at the entrance, which keeps repeating the procedure for entry to her beautiful and extravagant home. Sometimes the robots are changed or their battery needs fixing so you can imagine what that means...  

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