An American Thanksgiving in LONDON!

An American Thanksgiving in LONDON!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. It was declared a national holiday 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln.

Americans in London celebrate gratitude on this national holiday, although there is much more to the story — and, since these are Dayos Cards 

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Day in the Life of An American Thanksgiving: 

Pictured Above: Autumn Breeze

As this is the first time I am not in the United States with my family for Thanksgiving, it will definitely feel a little strange being in London. At this time of the year back home, the backyard would be covered with red, yellow and orange coloured leaves. The weather would be crisp with a slight breeze in the morning as it would later warm up to a perfect autumn temperature. Autumn Breeze loves to go on morning walks each Thanksgiving with her dog Charlie! The leaves on her blouse resemble the changing of leaves in the autumn season. What's your favourite fall activity? 

Pictured Above: Baking Betty 

By the time I go downstairs, the kitchen smells amazing as I know my dad is making some delicious breakfast. Typically on holidays like this, he would make eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, bacon, coffee and I'd be stuffed until the main course later on in the day! Baking Betty makes different desserts for the evening including cupcakes, cookies and brownies that all the guests love! What's your favourite dessert? 

Pictured Above: Magical Macy 

Once breakfast is complete, the 4 of us would go into the family room and turn the television on. Every year, a department store called Macy's has an annual Thanksgiving Day Parade that a majority of the United States watches. There are huge floats with a variety of performers that sing and dance. Magical Macy has always had a passion for dancing, specifically ballet. She's been doing it since she was a little girl and enjoys watching Swan Lake! Do you like the ballet? 

Pictured Above: Daisy Delicious

Around 3-4 pm is when the food starts to be ready! My sister and I typically set the dining room table and we leave the platters of food in the kitchen as we take what and how much we want. The usual Thanksgiving food we eat would be: bread rolls, mashed potatoes with a side of gravy, turkey, stuffing, salad, turnips, cranberry sauce and roasted carrots. If you can't tell, it definitely isn't your typical dinner portions! Daisy Delicious is the best cook in the family. Every holiday season she figures out the meals for the day and has amazing recipes the family can't wait to try! What's your favourite dish to cook? 

Pictured Above: Stuffed Stacey 

By the time we have cleaned off the dining room table, we are all so full. But we all know the saying "there's always room for dessert!" We wait a little while to not be as full then we would have either homemade brownies and cookies or a cake we got at a bakery down the street. At the end of the night, we would put on a favorite Christmas movie, like Home Alone, and start celebrating the new holiday season - Christmas! If there's anything about Stuffed Stacey, it's that she will always find a new movie to watch, especially festive ones. What's your favourite movie? 

Pictured Above: Pumpkin Spice

Fast forward to now, I am an American in London for Thanksgiving. What's that going to look like you might be wondering? To be quite honest, I am not 100% sure yet myself! My best friend from home is coming to visit me for 6 days and it will be her first time being in London. We haven't seen each other since August so it will definitely be a sweet reunion. I can't wait to show her all my favourite places in the city! Pumpkin Spice loves her festive coffee and teas she can get during October through December, hence her name being Pumpkin Spice. What's your go-to festive drink? 


Pictured Above: Betty Blessings 

As Thanksgiving Day is next Thursday, I'm not entirely sure how I want to celebrate while in London. I would like to have as much as a "home feeling" dinner as possible. After dinner, I have planned to attend possibly a Christmas Market to start getting in the Christmas spirit as it's approaching on us rather quickly. I know this upcoming Thanksgiving is going to feel like an average day as people passing by in London won't be celebrating. 

Pictured Above: Thanking Taylor

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. There's something about the crisp weather, changing of the leaves, delicious food and being with family all day that is so special. It is definitely going to be an adjustment this year as I won't be with my family like every other year. Being this way, Christmas time will be even more special as it will make up for missing Thanksgiving! Thanking Taylor loves spending time with family, especially when the holiday season rolls around. She loves to sing songs for all of them as they love her voice. 

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving? 

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