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Ten ways to embrace sunshine

Ten ways to embrace the sunshine this spring and summer!

With spring upon us and summer approaching rapidly, the days are beginning to get longer, everything is beginning to bloom and become green, and it is heating up. Along with all of this, we are finally beginning to see the sun more and more each day. 

With all in that in mind, why not take advantage of the changing seasons and the sunshine that is now apart of our days.

Here are 10 ways that you can begin to embrace the sunshine.

Number 1 - Get outside

One of the first things that you can do is get outside! Whether its for 5 minutes or for a few hours, getting outside and feeling the sunshine will help improve your mood and can also improve your health by getting vitamin D. Just don't forget sunscreen!

This is New Era Nancy, ready for spring . Enjoy your day today. 

Number 2 - Get active

One of the many things that you can do while being outside and embracing the sun is being active while doing it! From playing a sport with a team to going on a nice stroll around the block, there are a wide variety of things that you can do to stay healthy and active while being in the sun! 

This is Wickham Wendy, getting ready to be active! You could gift her to someone who also wants to become active this spring Just Frame this  beautiful card  !

Number 3 - Spend time with friends

Spending time with friends is a great way to get out of the house, especially if you can spend time with them in an outdoor setting! You can go on a picnic or just take a walk around a park. You could go to a music festival, go shopping or just spend time at a café together. There are so many more things you can do with your friends, maybe try some new activities with them!

This is Stylish Sally, ready to go shopping with her friends! You could gift her to one of your friends! Have a great day dont worrry  about anything 

Number 4 - Go adventuring

Along with getting outside, go somewhere you've never been before! Take the time to go explore a new part of your city or neighbour or go into the great outdoors and surround yourself with nature! Take advantage of the nice weather and the heat from the sun and discover new things when you can! 

This is Battersea Bridget, ready to go adventuring in London!

Number 5 - Relax

After a long day at work or after spending time with people, give yourself some time to relax and unwind! Relaxing and unwinding in the sun can help you feel much better and can help rejuvenate you after a long day!

This is Camden Camilla, ready to relax after a fun day!

Number 6 - Do a hobby

Spring and Summer come with new beginnings, and you can also begin again by trying something new or picking up an old hobby! There are many hobbies that you can try like roller skating, gardening, or photography that can give you something new to do and can get you active and out in the sun!

This is Kensington Kelsey, excited to do her hobbies!

Number 7 - Embrace the warmth

While relaxing and unwinding are great, you might not always have the time to do so throughout the day. Even so, still try to find a way to enjoy the warm temperatures and to feel the sun on your skin. 

This is Mayfair Molly, looking forward to enjoying the sun, maybe she could join you?

Number 8 - Look at new growth

With the arrival of the sun and warmer temperatures, new growth comes with it! There will be many flowers that are finally blooming at this time in the year and the grass and trees can finally begin to become more green. Take some time to go out and see all the new things that are blooming this spring and summer, all because of the sun! Celebrate the new flowers with a lovely card!

This is Ashford Ashlyn, happy to see all the new flowers! You could take her to the park and gift to a new friend!

Number 9 - Do some spring cleaning

After winter, sometimes cleaning needs to be done, not just inside the home but outside as well! Take some time in the sun and clean up your gardens, plant some new flowers, pick up any fallen sticks or rubbish, and make your home look beautiful on the inside and outside again!

This is Belgravia Belle, ready to do some cleaning! Make your home look beautiful with this wonderful handmade card!

Number 10 - Find ways to brighten up your home

From simply opening the curtains to completely changing a room's layout, there are many things that you can change in your residence to help bring some more sunlight in. You can change the curtains so they can let more light in while also providing privacy. You can move some furniture around so you can be in the sun more while in the room. You could paint the walls to also brighten up the room and to let sunlight reflect more!

This is Thames Taylor, ready to add some nice colour to your rooms as an excellent gift Just get this picture frame!


There are so many things that you can do to bring the sunlight back into your life  and hopefully these tips have been able to inspire you to try some new things or become more involved with old passions! The spring and summer are right around the corner, why not prepare for it now! 

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