10 ways an American in London Celebrated 4th July

10 ways an American in London Celebrated 4th July

    1. Had  a family Barbecue--One of my family's favourite ways to celebrate is with some classic American Food! Burgers and Hot Dogs are served up by the boatload, and if you're a vegetarian like me, head straight for the roasted corn. Penelope Piccadilly ( see her picture below)  celebrated and got America-themed plates for her and the whole family!   Penelope Piccadilly

    2. Aqua Pearl ( picture below) went to the Beach--There's nothing better than cooling off in the water after a hot day of celebrating! Head down to Brighton Beach and bring your favourite beach toys! Aqua Pearl loves to swim with my  family, especially on this wonderful day. Rain or shine, she would go with my family and make the best of the 4th of July, even with the unpredictable English weather! Aqua Pearl

    3. Watch Fireworks--One of the most important traditions of the 4th of July is to see those bright flashes in the night sky! There is nothing better than sitting under the stars and watching the sky light up with every color imaginable.

    4. Avery Oaks  used to be scared of fireworks when she was younger, but she has grown to absolutely adore them. Avery Oak

    5. See an Air Show--Something which always fascinated me were the air shows! Similar to the planes which flew overhead at her Royal Highness' Platinum Jubilee, planes will fly overhead to show their patriotism.

    6. Blue Rose (Picture below) is very interested in physics and aerospace engineering, so watching the planes fly so fast that they break the sound barrier excites her!Blue Rose

    7. Go to a Parade--One of the best ways to show your pride is with a Parade! Watch your fellow Americans wave flags and perform in the name of their country! 

    8. Kelia Kensal  wears her favourite garments in the color of America while she stands in the audience cheering on the marching band. When she was younger, she used to perform in the parade playing the trumpet, so it means a lot to her to get to see it!Kelia Kensal

    9. Play American Football--Get your friends and family together and start up a friendly game at Primrose Hill! I loved to play touch football where nobody got tackled, but Tessa Adelaide ( see picture)  loves to play tackle. She was the first girl on her high school's football team, and was never afraid to get down and be muddy !Tessa Adelaide

    10. Get Ice Cream from an Ice Cream Van--The classic American summer includes the daily trip to the Ice Cream Van (or Truck if you're American) which travels all over town.

    11. Holly Holborn loves to get soft serve every day growing up, so on this holiday she is sure to get a cone as nostalgia!  Holly Holborn

    12. Listen to Your Favorite American Artists--Because America is so diverse, everybody's perspective on "American Music" is different! I personally love R&B and old swing music made by American artists, but Tabitha Tower prefers country music. Below I linked a playlist with some of my favourite music!             Tabitha Towerhttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/0PDpt2B9nEB9IVVXXUqxx1

  1. Throw a Pool Party--There is nothing better than hosting a party for all the people you love most! Growing up my mom was the best hostess, and it has made me love planning big gatherings for the people important to me. Jump in the pool, play some fun games, then dry off and have a delicious dinner. Suzie Tube bought a brand new swim costume with an American Flag on it just for the occasion! She loves to swim, and the Fourth of July is the best holiday in her opinion. Suzie Tube 2022

  2. Support local, woman-owned brands--Being proud to be American means to be proud of those who are the backbone to the country. Instead of just buying something from a department store, go to your local businesses and make an impact on the area around you. Tola Trinket has made a pact to only shop locally, starting on this special day. She loves to support other women as she is a small business owner herself, knowing the trials and tribulations others also face. 

    Tola Trinket 
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