Staying Sustainable During the Holiday - Day Seven Blog Post

Staying Sustainable During the Holiday - Day Seven Blog Post

As we are 18 days away from Christmas morning, we are often overwhelmed with the tasks we have to accomplish to prepare for friends, family, and events. In order to alleviate some of the stress, we may think of convenience, but we should also be mindful of being sustainable in our practices. 

1. Food Waste: In an article, the WWP shared that "The EPA estimates that during the holidays our household waste increases by about 25%." When cooking for the masses, it likely to want to buy "more than enough" food, so no one stays hungry. You can accomplish this by specifically asking guests what dishes they would like, and looking up how much a recipe will feed. If you cannot avoid this, encourage guests to take leftovers, so you are not solely left with a large amount of food. 

2. Wrapping Paper: This single use product is very popular to use during the holiday season, but is not a sustainable practice. It is often unable to be recycled due to plastic coatings. Be mindful of this and look for alternatives. Below is a few websites that sell recycled wrapping paper.


Article with Options to Fit your Needs:

3. Sustainable Gifts:

A great place to start when looking to buy a sustainable gift, is looking for something that is not disposable and multi-purpose. A quick search for sustainable gifts will also lead you in the right direct.

4. Travel Responsibly:

Try not to travel via plane. If it is not practical with your timeline or travel plans, look for airlines that produce lower CO2 emissions. Additionally, with taking the train, some are electric which is more sustainable. More information with suggestions on traveling smart can be found on:

Ultimately, small changes may seem minor in the moment, but can have a large impact.

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