Like mum

Like mum

Mother's Day is the time to celebrate any mother-figure in your life, whether that is your biological mother or not. Though meant to be a happy, love-filled day, Mother's Day can be difficult for many, especially those who may not have a good relationship with their aforementioned biological mother. 



A mother can be anyone who nurtures and supports and can come in the form of a teacher, a coach, and friend's mom, a mentor, a neighbor, a relative, etc. Relationships of this nature are oh so special and worthy of all the celebration that comes with Mother's Day.

Did you know that Mother’s Day was originally conceived in the US in 1908 by Anna Jarvis as a way to advocate for Women’s labour rights?



One of the utmost compliments you can tell someone is of their impact in your life, so take time on Mother's Day to tell a mother-figure in your life what they have meant to you! 

Who are some of the mothers in your life? 

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