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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Z Doctor Heart

Z Doctor Heart

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Doctor Heart in this picture has brown curly hair. She is wearing a red and white polka dots blouse. The heart doctor is wearing a red hat and has a heart above her head. 

Hear Story

She read that "HEART challenges young people to think for themselves and be strong and confident about their true identities. HEART has had a profound impact on the young girls in my school from day 1. One of the most noticeable changes was their decision to stop wearing makeup to school. This was a choice the girls made themselves as they learned that everything they do should be to make themselves happy and no one else. The girls school attendance improved and their education changed as they began to dream about their own futures and believe in themselves. HEART will stay with them forever and will be a constant reminder to them of who they are and what they deserve in life"  

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