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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Lady Whitney Whimsical

Lady Whitney Whimsical

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I have called they card Lady Whitney Whimsical. She is wearing a light pink blouse with a gold bow on it. She has a hot pink jewel like necklace with pink  earrings. There is a dog used as a headpiece! To the right of her, there is a red heart. 

Lady Whitney Whimsical is depicted wearing a light pink blouse with a gold bow, along with a hot pink gemstone necklace and pink earrings. Completing the ensemble, a dog is utilized as a headpiece, with a red heart appearing to the right.


She has a dog called zoro and a cat called popcorn who is looked after by Nicole in Canada. She has a friend who has a Siberian husky called Buka.

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