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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Yasmine Beauty

Yasmine Beauty

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Yasmine is wearing a striking multicolour blouse decorated with red, blue, orange, and beige. She has elegant gold jewellery with accents of blue and green but nothing in her hair to show off her gorgeous curlylocks. There is a green flower and Happy Birthday above her. 

Her Story

Yasmine  has always felt connected to the earth. This connection began when she was born and her parents named her Yasmine , a beautiful word meaning "love . In order to save the place she loves most, Yasmine recycles and composts everyday. She also grows all of her fruits, vegetables, and herbs in her own backyard! Every Saturday she hosts her very own farmers market where she sells the fruits and vegetables from her garden. Half of all the proceeds go to environmental charities and the other half goes to bettering her own practices. How will you impact your earth?

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