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The bespoke cards are sometimes embellished with sparkly gems and fabric depending on style. It is said that no two people are the same, ‘some like it bright and some like it simple.  








Birthday/Cards/Female/ Mother/Wife/mum/daughter/ Girlfriend/Sister/Wife's Anniversary Card/ Fiancé/ Gift/Customised /Frame it / Art/Get Well/ Niece/Yoruba letter of engagement/

All cards are one of a kind and limited editions

Skin colours: tan, brown sugar, nude, chocolate, golden, blackberry, vanilla, cream 

My cards are handmade reflecting the beauty of vibrant and unique people. Each design is as seen and one of a kind as no two people are the same. The card is about knowing you are beautiful and it's about real beauty both inside and out.

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Our limited-edition pieces are best given to her or framed and given to her as a gift