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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Susie Shepherd

Susie Shepherd

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Susie Shepherd is wearing a dark green and light pink intricate detailed blouse. There are hints of shimmer throughout. Her elaborate jeweled necklace is coloured with a lighter shade of green, pink and silver with smaller and bigger jewels. Her earrings are closely similar to the green jewels of her necklace. Susie wears a forest green headpiece that compliments her blouse. To the right of her portrait, there is a light pink flower. 

Her Story: 

Susie Shepherd is someone who has a passion for attending the theatre. She goes at least twice a week, by herself or with a friend, husband or one of her children. In her younger days, she would perform in musicals and plays. As she grew to have a family, she stopped performing in them to then later become a frequent attendee. Anyone who knows Susie asks for her thoughts on a show or musical before they attend since they value her opinion. 

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