Holiday Traditions - Day Two Blog Post

Holiday Traditions - Day Two Blog Post

One of the exciting things about the holiday season is the anticipation leading up to the events. More so, the traditions that have gone on from year to year and are shared with friends and family can be even more than the lights and gifts. 

Temi Temi’s favourite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with her family. Her family always does it the day after Thanksgiving, so they can enjoy it for the whole month of December. They bring out all of the boxes of ornaments, heat up some hot chocolate, and play Christmas songs while they decorate. 

Additionally, Christmas Grinch’s favourite tradition is going to look at Christmas lights. Her and her friends get in the car and drive around as many neighbourhoods as they can to see who put up the best decorations. 

Finally, Jubilee Joy’s favourite tradition is cooking with her mom for Christmas dinner. They typically make a roast and a lot of sides, but it is the time that they spend together that means the most to her. 

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