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Sustainable Artistic Cards

My Sustainable​ Handmade cards reduce waste by repurposing, recycling and upcycling.I am always working on new creative designs which are sustainable, and innovative.

  • Red Handmade card with pearl dangling earing. Beautiful side view
  • A Group of three different cards showing a chocolate skin tone, Oak coloured skin tone and Tan coloured skin. All very beautiful. The first card has soft afro textured hair. The next card is wearing Green and Third card is like Barbra Streisand

One artistic card every day of the month —

What a choice.

I imagine it, design it, then create those are my artistic cards for you. 

My timeless styles and colours showcase an exclusive range that blur lines between art and greeting cards.

Sustainability is at the heart of the my cards I design cards based around sustainable practice by deconstructing and reconstructing and repurposing objects.

I sell fun, not just my cards,” but the experience of choosing a card is also part of the fun !!!! As there are so many colours and styles to choose from.

Mum, Sister, Girlfriend ,Fiancé  Friend ,Teacher Guest speaker Colleague ,Lady Friend Partner, your Other half ,obirin and much more.

Each woman on my cards has their own individual style but all  share a common passion as you love, kindness, wellness and appreciation.


🍀 When it comes to anniversaries do you buy the same card like you bought last year? 

🍀Is your friend buying same card as you bought for their loved one? 

🍀Have you ever purchased a card and noticed you got the same card last year or you received 100's of the same type during a celebration

🍀For a big birthday have you received multiple cards and cant tell who gave you the card.

🍀Do you prefer to see a selection to give you value?. 

🍀 You can frame your card as a gift. 
🍀 I take commissions 

🍀 All artistic cards are one offs.

I believe in sustainable materials outside of the realm of greeting cards, and inspiring more businesses to invest in innovative alternatives where possible. My artistic cards are made up of upcycled materials and found objects.

🍀 Beautifully hand crafted

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🍀 All artistic cards are limited editions

My bespoke cards are beautifully hand crafted using a mixed media approach, including fabric found objects and fine embellishments.

I love individuality - What about you ?

Each card is different, giving people an informed choice in terms of skin tone, beauty, fashion, love and happiness.

I am really excited that you've taken time to check out my website.


Dayo Dayo Dayo

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