About Us

Where Paper Meets Fashion.

Dayo's  handmade and hand-finished  cards may vary to reflect individuality  and to allow you to embrace your changes.  All cards are blank inside, for you to write your own special message.  Dayo's cards are renowned for crafting beautiful ethnic cards with a mixed media approach.  She  is inspired by a knowledge of inclusion and beauty. Dayo creates unique cards , and knows  you are the best, without a doubt. The cards are woven with love and attention  for an inclusive and exclusive approach to send or keep simply as Art.


Features:High /low cheeks small/large nose bridge,high/low brow 

Skin colours: Tan, Brown sugar, Nude, chocolate, Golden, blackberry, vanilla, cream Dayos cards are  handmade reflecting the beauty of vibrant and unique people.Each design  is as seen and one of a kind as no two people are the same. The card is about knowing you are beautiful and it's about the real beauty both inside and out.            Cards are great for you.



A member of The Greeting Card Association.