Dayo’s Cards capture the diversity of skin colours bringing different people together through a world of fashion, peace, beauty and love. The cards are designed with you in mind; my ethos is “I do things differently”. Dayo’s Cards create a buzz for all the right reasons. When my customers see vibrancy in the cards this is what keeps them coming back, it is easy for them to identify with the collections. My cards reflect reality, if you were to take a walk down a major high road it would be no surprise to see a wide range of diversity, ranging from black right through to white - dual heritage delight. My cards reflect the fact that people are mixing together like never before, creating new skin tones every day. 

Dayo's hand-finished, handmade cards are beautifully hand crafted using a mixed media approach. Dayo’s cards are renowned for crafting beautiful ethnic cards. Dayo’s cards are elaborately decorated with heightened head wraps, caps and hair styles reflecting the flawless woman.

Dayo is inspired by knowledge of inclusion and beauty. Dayo's cards may vary to reflect individuality and to allow you to embrace updates and changes. Some of the effects enable partially sighted or blind customers to marvel in the beauty of our cards. All cards are blank inside, for you to write your own special message.

Dayo’s cards, reflect the artistry where ‘Fashion meets paper’ and colours of the world around us. 

Dayo creates unique cards, and knows you are the best, without a doubt. The cards are woven with love and attention using an inclusive and exclusive approach to send or keep simply as art.

My ethnic cards includes kitchen parties (Zambian), introduction, Ceremonial cards, and much more. 

Dayo is a card designer, and a mixed media artist. She shows originality, with a trendy element. Her thoughtfully created cards are renowned for ethnic colours giving customers a choice. 

Dayo identified a gap in the market and filled that gap using our differences to highlight multiplicity within society and make it stylish. I am very proud that all my cards are designed to include exceptional combinations and unusual colours. 

I am committed to diversity and giving my customers a choice. 

In the world of cards, Dayo’s cards have found its niche. I have always been different and pride myself on the unique flavour I bring to this market.

I embrace your complexion and what makes you, YOU! For cards that raise questions and stand out, I am here for you - buy the perfect card today. 

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