My Bespoke cards are beautifully hand crafted and hand finished using a mixed media approach. Dayo's unique cards are embellished with sparkly gems and glittery paper or other material depending on taste. It is said that no two people are the same, ‘some like it glitter and some like it better'. It's also certainly no secret the card industry is slowly becoming more diverse.

The cards are all handmade and hand finished by me, at my studio in London.

My designs are all unique and reflect the artistry and diversity of the world around us. The many nations living together in cities, again this is reflected in my creation, and the inspiration comes from God. I am a publisher, designer and artist, whose background comes from many wide inspirational sources. My cards are art pieces, and can be used as decorative imagery for your interior or to send to a loved one. the chic head gear is sumptuous, rich and expressive; and is an interpretation of the height of glamour and tone-in, chocolate, olive and tan; or from ethnic to hippy from black to white. From dramatic elegance to simple understatement. Each to their own peculiar DNA.

My cards are handmade reflecting the beauty of vibrant and unique people all around. Each design is as seen and one of a kind as no two people are the same. My cards are about knowing you are beautiful and it's about the real beauty both inside and out.