This card displays a woman named Olayinka. She is wearing a light green blouse with a blue plant pattern on it and matching green pearl earrings. Her hair is short, curly, and black, and made of an almost fur like material. On the top left corner, it says happy birthday and there is a red flower next to it.
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Olayinka Baby

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She is wearing a light green dress with a blue floral design. To complete her outfit she is wearing light green pearl earrings with red lipstick. Above her head, it says "Happy Birthday" and a pink flower is next to it. 

Her Story

 Olayinka has always wanted to become a fashion designer, since the age of 6 she gained an interest in brands and designs and knew what she wanted to do as a career. Now she has finally accomplished her dream and is a well-known fashion designer. Today is also her birthday so let's take this moment to celebrate with Olayinka!


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