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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Lucy London

Lucy London

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A beautiful card made with love and happiness  The card features a woman wearing light beautiful dangling earrings. She has on a kente blouse.


Once a junk-food lover, Lucy embarked on a health journey, adopting nutritious habits. Amidst her transformation, she discovered she was expecting triplets, a delightful surprise. Settled in a quaint village with her bus-driving husband, they cherished the simplicity of life.

Yet, a twist unfolded when Lucy’s newfound health regimen significantly eased her pregnancy. Astonished doctors hailed her diet’s impact on her well-being, making her pregnancy smoother.

With joy, Lucy embraced motherhood, relishing the bustling village life with her husband and healthy, happy trio. Her tale illustrated the power of wellness and resilience, a testament to the miracles of a balanced life.


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