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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Doctor Emerald Glade

Doctor Emerald Glade

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I have made this card called Doctor Emerald Glade who  is wearing a dark green blouse with big emerald green ribboned bow. In the blouse, there's a hint of red ribbon. She is wearing a maroon necklace with a shimmery blue and green jewel in the middle. She is wearing a set of turquoise earrings. There is a red heart in her hair as well as a green bow. There is another red heart to the right of her. 

Her Story

Doctor Emerald Glade holds fundraisers and toy drives every Christmas season for the less fortunate kids in London. People from all over the city donate money, toys and little gifts for the children who's parents can't afford much. It brings her joy to help families during the holidays! 

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