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Whew! What a weekend, we hope you're all recovering from ringing in the new year! Last year was tough and you made it through, go you! Of course with a new year comes new goals, resolutions, and hopes for all 2022 has in store. In the spirit of new beginnings, we would love to hear your new year resolutions

Its perfectly understandable if you do not  have your resolutions. We're all hoping for a better and more positive 2022, but if you're looking for positive  inspiration for this year, we've got you cards and stories for you. 

One resolution could be to browse our website to purchase a card for your wife, daughter, granma, friend, sister or mum as appreciation for their role in your life the past year.

My resolution is to and re organise my .........

Try something new like unveiling our new exclusive cards.

1 Aim to discover something new. 

2 Prepare to let your dog choose  a card for you

3 Appreciate Her send a card.

4 Aim to  send a smile and cheer someone up. 

5 Prepare  to cheer yourself up purchase a card. 

6 Make time to support a good cause.

7 Aim to frame your card. 

8 Choose to be different join us one or our story telling workshops.  

9 Aim to choose a healthy life style. 

10  Make the most of your me time and pamper yourself with one of your cards. 


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