Happy New 2023

New Year New Ideas 2023

Tips For the new year 

1 Feel free to be young and wear what you like in the new year just like Abigail Abercrombie. 

Picture above called Abigail Abercrombie


I called this card  Abigail Abercrombie a woman with her own nature and style. You can choose to wear your own cocktail hat . Dont worry about who is looking do your thing.


Picture Above is called Fantastic Farrow

2 Allow yourself to release from concerns and negative looping thoughts by reading some of the short stories on my website. 

Picture Above is named  Miss Directionality 

3 Having a morning routine is essential for a successful year.This could  be checking my website for stories and inspiration.You can find some of my short stories on my website that will help you release concerns and negative looping thoughts.



Picture above is Miss Golden Polly, 

Have a Happy new year  



Picture Above is called  Mish Me

4 Get the latest on the best card trends, tips and gifts to frame.My website has a variety of photographs that you can use to start reciting positive affirmations


Give your downtime a dose of artistic fun  Dayos Cards. Returning this year in a vibrant way, Just look at who is wearing your colour. 



Above is a picture of Daisy Peckington

How about wearing  a sumptuously exotic hatinator  like Daisy Peckington  above this could be new you.

So start the year finding the positives. Look at  the unique cards on Handmadecardsbydayo.com  you will feel endlessly grateful with all the stories. or just feel great with your  yourself.

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