This card has been given the name Dr. Dasani Dagenham. She wears a matching dress and headdress, both made up of blue flower petals which have a gradient to white in the middle of each petal. She wears a flower pendant on her dress which is a white daisy with a blue gem in the middle. Her necklace is a blue gem which matches the flower. She wears an earring which is are a  tiny string of pearls.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Dr Dasani Dagenham

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Dasani wears a blue rose petal headpiece with a matching gown. Her necklace has a gold pearl to accent.

Dasani wears outfits which resembles water as a gentile reminder that we must protect our oceans. She believes in peaceful protest through expression, and this is how she does exactly that. Global warming scares Dasani, and she hopes to raise awareness through her outfit choices. 

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