This card has been given the name Helvetica. She wears a blouse made of red and silver diamantés, a necklace made of red gems, and a small red and black headscarf in her feathery black hair. ,
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Helvetica Hereford

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Helvetica Hereford is wearing a red top with a sparkly shawl and a red and black bonnet. All is complemented with her ruby red jewellery and lipstick. 

Her Story

Helvetica is a professional bowler. She travels around the world to compete in bowling tournaments and is well-known in the bowling world. Currently, she is the captain of her bowling team: The Incredibowls. She also makes the uniforms using red, her favourite colour, and plenty of sparkles and feathers. This makes her team stand out and feel great. Make sure to cheer on Helvetica and her team as they head to the Championship in Paris this summer!

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