This card has been given the name Talia. ​She is wearing  a sky blue blouse with gold flecks in it. Her necklace has three separate strands, all that are a royal blue. In her light blue   ​​feathery hair, there are two large ​diamante gems.  Her earring is made of  small ​diamontes in the shape of a square. In the top right corner, there is a light green polka-dotted bottle which says "love drink" and has a small silver bow on it.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Talia Turquoise

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Talia Turquoise is wearing an icy blue blouse that matches her wild, feathery hair perfectly. She has on a deep blue necklace with stunning diamanté earrings and hair pieces to complete her fashionable look. 

Her Story

Talia's favourite time of the year is winter. Of course she loves the crisp, cold air that turns her nose pink and tends to enjoy a hot cup of cocoa when coming home for the day. But above all she loves being able to ice skate with her friends. She enjoys the freeing feeling as she skates, twirls, and leaps across the ice. Her friends always tell her that she could be a professional figure skater which makes her want to learn even more figure skating jumps!

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