Christmas with Handmade Cards by Dayo - Day Eight Blog Post

Christmas with Handmade Cards by Dayo - Day Eight Blog Post


This holiday season, we will be going on a tour of Dayo's Cards and you can personalize them this holiday season!  

1. Enjoy a sparkly card tour of our website  

-If you go throughout the website, to make it easier, type "festive" or "Christmas" in the search bar to see a selection of the holiday cards! We have a bunch of options to choose from for your loved ones!

Shadwell Savannah

Pictured Above: Shadwell Savannah 

2. Join us for a workshop! 

-Throughout the holiday season, there are card making workshops as well as gift making workshops where people come together to meet new people throughout the creative community. Show your creative and unique side to give personalized and homemade gifts for Christmas! 

This card is called Milly Merry. Milly wears a red blouse with a green velvet bow and a green hat which has mistletoe on top.

Pictured Above: Millie Merry

3. Head to the Medici Gallery to see and feel the cards

-If you head over to Medici Gallery in South Kensington, you will find a bunch of my cards throughout the store. It's always a good idea to see them in person as well as supporting local stores in London. 

Christmas Wimbledon

Pictured Above: Christmas Wimbledon

4. Enjoy the videos and photos on our Instagram page 

-Check out @handmadecardsbydayo on Instagram to view customers reactions when purchasing cards and highlights of my work shown throughout businesses and popups.  

Daphne Devons

Pictured Above: Daphne Devons 

5. Seek out unique cards in the Granville

-Come stop by the Granville to see all of the cards I have created in person for you to get an idea of what I have made. It's always better to see them all the options and see the ambiance of the environment! 

Ginny Green

Pictured Above: Ginny Green

London is one of the best places to be in during the holidays as many of the streets are filled with Christmas decorations and lights. Go shopping on Regent or Oxford Street to see the store decorations and lights hanging above the streets! There are Christmas Markets all over the city as well as Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

In London there are also many house parties, office parties, kitchen parties and much more . I hope you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas!   


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