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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Ethnic Elizabeth

Ethnic Elizabeth

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HandmadeCardsByDayo presents Ethnic Elizabeth—a unique collection of artisan cards perfect for celebrating special occasions with a modern and vibrant twist. Our artfully crafted cards bridge cultures with their intricate designs, bold color palettes and thoughtful messages. Capture the beauty and energy of global cultures with the perfect card for any moment!

This  picture has a black  woman I have called Elizabeth wearing  a blouse decorated with red hearts and a matching red bow. There is a single flower in her spiky hair. She has precious pink jewellery on as well. There are two red hearts on her right side.  

Her Story

Elizabeth loves the ocean. She spends her free time at the beach and enjoys watching for dolphins and whales. When she was younger she dreamed of being a marine biologist. Her biggest goals were to save endangered marine animals and rescue injured animals with the intention of releasing them back into the ocean again. Today, she is both a marine biologist and an advocate for ocean conservation! She never uses plastic straws and does everything she can to help the ocean she knows and loves! She likes to wear her Michael kors watch. Especially the lovely one with the shiny face. 

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