This card is of a woman given the name Daisy. Daisy is wearing two blue fabrics, one dark navy blue and one a slightly lighter navy blue, both with small square prints. She wears a blue rose on her neck and light blue gems as earrings. Her blonde hair peeks out of the bottom of her blue patterned headscarf. There is a small, gold champagne glass near her lips as though she was drinking it. There is a silver glitter butterfly in the background.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Daisy’s Drink

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Daisy's Drink is wearing a stylish navy blue blouse with a matching patterned blue headpiece. She is wearing blue earrings. There is a silver butterfly in the top right corner.

Her Story

She is the owner of a small but elegant and well-known restaurant. She drinks only the finest spirits and sells only the finest liquors.

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