This card has been given the name Gillian Jubilee. Her blouse is a powder blue silk material, and she wears a matching netted scarf. Her hair is made of a grass looking fabric, and she has blue flowers scattered in it. She wears jewellery that looks like ladybugs.
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This card has been named  Gillian Jubilee.
She has green textured hair with blue flowers cascading down. She wears a pale blue dress with a matching netted scarf where four small ladybugs are perched. 


Gillian is a woman of many talents. She is kind, friendly, and outgoing, but she is also highly intelligent. She recently graduated law school and now works in entertainment law. She represents some of the largest musicians in the business, though she is humble and does not often brag about it. She is a grounded woman who is highly successful! Do you know someone called Gillian?

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