This card is of a woman given the name Greenford Gabi. Greenford wears a printed blouse with green and turquoise circles and yellow and black lines throughout. Her headdress is made of three dark green leaves, and her jewellery is a pale green. In the top left corner there is a small green flower sticker, and in the top right there is a small sticker that says Hello Little Sunshine with a music note.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Greenford Gabi

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Greenford Gabi is wearing a green leafy hat. She is wearing a vibrant ankara print, in a playful exploration of olive green bottle dark green, and light green. There is a flower, music note, and sticker that says, "hello little sunshine" above her head.

Her Story

Greenford Gabi loves salads. She eats a salad a day to keep the doctor away. Do you eat your greens every day?

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