This card has been given the name Adaya. Adaya wears a dark blue blouse with ocean blue sequin circles on it, and lines of silver sequin. She wears a diamonte gem necklace, and a blue gem earring. In her light blonde hair she wears a blue feathery headdress with large blue gems in it. In the righthand corner, there is mistletoe. A part of what I sell is not just my cards but the experience of choosing a card as well so visit the website for more options.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

ZAdaya Abbey Wood

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Adaya wears a unique sequin patterned blue blouse and a feathery gem headdress. 

Her Story

Adaya is a philanthropist. She learned to love helping others throughout her entire life, and there is nothing that brings her greater joy. Adaya's favourite charity to support is the Smile Train. 




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