This card is of a woman given the name Hattie. Hattie wears a baby pink blouse that is made of a paper material, and there is a large silky pink bow on the neck. She wears a pink gem necklace, and a pink flower with a gold shimmery center in her short black hair. On the top right corner, there is a black and white floppy hat sticker which has a small white bow on it. A beautiful card  to frame for your home or the perfect gift for someone to celebrate
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Hattie Holloway

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Hattie wears a beautiful pink dress with a dazzling bow on it. 

Hattie dons a stunning fuchsia gown, complete with an eye-catching knot.

Her Story

Hattie is a University professor. She loves teaching her students valuable lessons which they can carry through to their professional careers. 

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