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Handmade Cards by Dayo

Lady Limehouse

Lady Limehouse

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Lady Limehouse is wearing a lime green zebra and cheetah print blouse with a popping pink and purple floral pattern. She wears a light pink diamanté necklace with matching earrings. Her head wrap is a forest green colour that contrasts her light green hair paired with 2 scarlet red jewels. 

Her Story

Lady Limestone takes her jewellery very seriously. Her collection is endless as she has necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings from over 70 countries. They have either been given as gifts or she has purchased them on holidays. In the card, her matching pink diamanté necklace and earrings was a gift from her beloved husband of 40 years on the night of their wedding. She wears it every anniversary to remember that special day. 

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