This card has been given the name Perivale. Perivale wears a salmon pink blouse that is a silken material, and her hair covered by a purple furry hat. She wears a pink rose earring, and a thin silver necklace with three pink gems. In the top right corner of the card, there is a sticker of a pink corset top which has a light pink rose on the bust.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Perivale Paddington

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Perivale is wearing an elegant, satin pink blouse with a grey fluffy hat. She has pink earrings and a silver and pink necklace. There is a pink corset on the right side.

Her story

She was raised in a small town by a single mother. Growing up, she learned how powerful it is to be a woman. Now, she owns a medium-sized business and enjoys the little things in life.

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