This card has been given the name Robin. Robin wears a matching green chiffon blouse and headscarf, which covers her curly black hair. She wears a thin yellow necklace made of gems, and a red rose earring. In the top left corner, it says Happy Birthday in red lettering, then directly to the right, there is a green rose. In the top right corner, there is a small silver cross.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Robin Romford

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Robin Romford is wearing an eye-catching matching green set. To go with her set she is wearing elegant gold jewellery and a rose earring. There is a cross, a green flower, and a Happy Birthday above her!

Her Story 

She is the daughter of a priest. She does not like it that every year people  throw away food – fussy teenager throwing away their breakfast in the bin, fussy husband who throws away spaghetti or fussy shopper who mistakenly bought the wrong vegetables and throws them away because they cant be bothered to go back to the shop. The list of food waste is endless. 

Now she has developed an app to stop food waste that includes sorting out food for animals. She works in her local church with her father. Sometimes she works as a Sunday school teacher. Did you know it's her Birthday today? 

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