This card is of a woman wearing a gold silk blouse with a small red rose on it. She wears a pearl necklace and her hair up in small braids with a pink flower in it.
Handmade Cards by Dayo

Doctor Shaftesbury

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Doctor Shaftesbury is wearing a soft metallic gold dress held together at the neck with a vibrant red rose. She has a light pink daisy in her hair and shimmering imitation pearl jewellery. 


Doctor Shaftesbury often finds herself in the West End for a show, and she is usually accompanied by her fellow theatre-lover Wenonah West End! They like to try and spot the marvelously talented performers leaving the stage doors so that they can thank them for sharing their gift and creating such a special experience for everyone in the audience. Shayanne believes anyone and everyone involved in a show is a real-life superhero. She collects programs from all the shows she goes to and has quite the stack!

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