This card has been given the name Tacy. Tacy wears a matching blouse and headdress, both a pink silk material. Around her neck, she wears a scarf made of a pink ssequined fabric. Her earring is green underneath with pink glitter and a gem in the center.
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Tacy Tearoom

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Tacy Tearoom is dressed completely in light pink, with a silky top and hat that both fall into the form of a rose. She has a small pop of green on her earrings and bright red on her lips.

Her Story

Tacy Tearoom never misses her afternoon tea, and she loves taking her tea with friends. Did you know that afternoon tea started after Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford and a good friend of Queen Victoria, complained that she got a "sinking feeling" in the afternoons and was in the need of some sustenance? Queen Victoria quickly caught on to the idea of an afternoon tea, too, and the rest is history!

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